Frequently Asked Questions


What's the difference between a Summer Session & the regular Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring Seasons?

Regularly scheduled classes will run weekly from August to December, and then January to May. These will be the two dance seasons offered at Platinum Dance Company. We will have a Winter Recital in December and a Spring Recital in May.  

The Summer Session is a specialty class PDC is offering for a one time enrollment fee. These classes will only meet for a short 6 weeks, will not have any performance opportunities, but will provide a ton of fun. This is great extra curricular activity to help keep your kiddo busy and active during the summer months while school and regular season is taking a break. It is also a good time for those who do not want to commit to a full season, to have a chance to see if dance or tumbling is something their child is interested in as a long term activity. 

Is the Fall/Winter or Winter/Spring Season a one time enrollment fee like the Summer Session?

No. The regular season classes are weekly for multiple months at a time. There is a monthly tuition rate for regular season classes that is due during the first class of every month. The investment details of the regular season are outlined in our Welcome Packet which you can inquire about by email:

During the regular Fall/Winter or Winter/Spring Season, will the 1 hour weekly class include different genre's?


Let me elaborate on this question for those who haven't asked, but still may also wonder:  "Will Jazz 1 also include Ballet 1 during that 1 hour a week class? I am trying to figure out which classes I need to put on my enrollment form."

The answer to this question is, no. Each genre of dance will have its own 1 hour class a week. If your dancer is interested in Ballet and Hip Hop for example, that would be two separate classes a week. This is to give students adequate time during class to properly warm up, stretch, learn proper technique and skills for that specific genre and their recital dance. It's also beneficial for your dancer to pick and choose the amount of time they would like to spend dancing each week, and as the parent, you are only paying for your child to do the type of dance they prefer to do.