Will you be offering gymnastics?

No. We do have an AcroDance program which specializes in acrobatics. A big misconception is that gymnastics and acrobatics are the same. While both are similar, they are also very different. Please see our 'CLASSES' page for more info on our AcroDance Program.

When will PDC have a competition team?

This first year, as we are trying to get the studio up and running and established, there will not be a competition team. As this gains interest, a competition team is definitely something we would love to add to Platinum Dance Company.  If being apart of PDC's competition team is something your dancer is interested in, please let us know so we can add you to our list. 

Will you offer adult classes?

EVENTUALLY! As we are trying to get the studio up and running, adult classes are not offered just yet! As soon as we are on our feet, we will be excited to add adult classes into the mix! We have many different ideas for adult classes, so stay tuned! Those announcements will be made on our Facebook page! 

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