For all students, hair must be pulled back and out of face. If a students hair is not in a pony tail, they will be required to tie it up before participating. This is a safety measure and helps eliminate distractions. AcroDancers are encouraged to have a low bun. This will eliminate hair getting stepped on and pulled while being spotted in any tricks. Again, this is for the safety of the dancer. 

Dress Code:

NO DENIM. Dancers are encouraged to wear leotards and tights, however, if this is unavailable to the dancer, athletic wear is ok. Please ensure all clothing is proper fitting, and isn't restricting. Dancers in denim will not be allowed to participate. This is for safety, not exclusion. AcroDance classes are highly encouraged to wear a leotard, no tights, spandex shorts, or a crop top. T-shirts, cotton tank tops and loose clothes make it difficult to make corrections to tricks and can be a safety hazard when spotting. Students can slip out of the spotters hands more easily with loose fitting clothes. 


AcroDance: these classes will be performed barefoot. 


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Wiggles & Giggles

Leather, “Pink” or “Ballet Pink”, full elastic with no ties is preferred (ties tend to be irritating when tucked in and a distraction when they come untied. Shoes with ties will be knotted tightly and ties will be cut off to help keep dancers focused.)

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Early Beginners

Black, Full sole Jr Tyette Tap Shoe

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Level 1

Black, leather, full sole tap.


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