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PDC's AcroDance Program

AcroDance is the fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. The biggest misconception of dancers and parents is that acrobatics and gymnastics are the same thing, just a different word. Acrobatics is not the same as gymnastics. An AcroDancer must complete all of their skills on a hard floor without the advantage of a sprung floor, while seamlessly integrating musicality, extension, control and line. Neither the ‘AcroDance’ technique or ‘Gymnastics’ technique is wrong, they are just very different. Acrobatics are used at Platinum Dance Company as an extension of dance. Dance technique and training is not required for Acro but it will aide in the progression. A dancer who takes both ballet and acro will progress much more quickly than a dancer who chooses to just take acro. This doesn’t mean a dancer just taking acro won’t progress, they just won’t progress as quickly.

Platinum Dance Company is an Acrobatic Arts certified studio and Miss Makenzie is an Acrobatic Arts certified instructor. The main goal in our Acro classes is to teach proper technique to ensure success for the dancer and proper safety to maintain integrity and longevity of all of our dancers bodies, muscles and joints.

Acrobatic Arts is a progressional, level based program for AcroDancers. Thoughtful progressions and structured levels help dancers seamlessly master skills at their own pace. This process greatly reduces the potential for injury, creates technically correct work, and helps dancers to progress more quickly (in the long run).

Acrobatic Arts’ level program is a syllabus with a set list of skills in flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling. Levels range from Primary, Level 1-8, and Pre-Professional 1-3. Not all dancers will progress to every level in their acro career, but with enough dedication and discipline, it can be done should that be your dancers goal.

There will be an “exam week” once every 3 months for dancers to be tested for the next level should they feel they’re prepared. Dancers will receive clear and precise expectations for each level and will not move forward with harder tricks or skills until they’ve mastered all the skills at their current level. Dancers will not progress at the same rate. Practice and stretching at home will help tremendously in faster progressions. Please understand, Acrobatic Arts is a world renowned training program and their progressions work and keep dancers safe. While it may at times get frustrating and dances may get anxious to jump ahead, the progressions will make it easier for them to master more difficult tricks later and keep them safe.

AcroDance classes are not required to participate in the season’s showcase, however it is definitely encouraged and welcome. For those wanting to participate, more information will be given as interest per class is gauged.

Placement for acro will be determined the first day of class. I ask parents and dancers use their judgment to determine which class to initially enroll in. All dancers will begin at the primary level. But the pace each dancer excels will be dependant on each dancers work ethic and determination. Exams can be given in between set dates should a dancer be prepared for one.

While all of this sounds very strict, classes will all have so many fun elements and a positive environment will be among one of the top priorities in classes.

We hope you’ll join us this fall in our AcroDance program! If you have any information about these classes, please feel free to reach out to me via email at