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                 & Cora

& we're the excited new owners, renovators (I don't know that Justin is as excited about this title as I am) & director of Platinum Dance Company. I’m so excited to bring a new dance studio & fresh experience to Marysville & the surrounding areas!

I grew up in a suburb of Kansas City (Liberty, MO) with a passion for all things dance. I started dance at the young age of 3 and danced until I was a senior in high school, 10 of those years being competitively. I studied dance at the Conservatory of Dance Education (better known as CODE) under the direction of Phil Vitug, an award winning, national title holding, dance studio serving the Kansas City metropolitan area. Growing up, you could find my sister Tiffany and me choreographing dances in our basement or our backyard, organizing performance and then going door to door to invite all our neighbors to said performances! (Thank you Sonya & Honey, you never missed a show!)

I didn't always know I wanted to be a studio owner. After high school, I studied 2 years at a local community college and worked at Texas Roadhouse. During those 2 years, I continued taking adult classes and of course lined danced my heart out while at work. Then, I decided to head to cosmetology school. It was then that I met my future sister-in-law Micala (Holthaus) Schell who insisted I needed to come back home with her and meet her brother! Little did I know, that trip back to Marysville would shape my entire future and lead me right to where I am now. Justin and I clearly hit it off, which is how I found myself in Axtell. So after graduation, I moved up here, got a job with the wonderful ladies at Broadways- A Cut Above doing hair. Shortly after my move, I started helping at a local studio teaching their ballet program and from there several Junior High and High School classes for 4 fabulous years. It wasn't until my move to Marshall County that my dream of owning a studio came to life! After MANY years of planning, a few job changes, the birth of my amazing daughter Cora, I am excited to announce that I am doing it! My dreams are finally coming true (cheesy, maybe. cliche, absolutely)! 

Our goal is to bring a fresh dance experience to Marysville. We offer a variety of classes, for different ages and skill levels. Class options include Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap and AcroDance. Classes range from Preschool to Levels 1-3. Students will be placed according to their skill level and as your dancer improves, they’ll have the potential to move up in levels to continue challenging themselves and growing as a dancer. With a variety of class options, dancers are able to pick and chose the genres they would like to study and the amount of time they would like to commit. With this studio structure, our dancers are able to dance as just a recreational sport, if they chose, or they can take their love of dance further and fully dive into the art by exploring many different types of dance. Platinum Dance Company will open for a short 6 week summer session at the end of June and then we'll dive right into our first official season at the end of August. Go ahead and take a look around our website, check out our class options and feel free to contact us at anytime about enrollment! We look forward to meeting you and getting to know your dancer!

Oh! By the way...

Did you know we completely renovated the studio ourselves?! 820 Broadway, formally known as 4 Carats underwent some major changes in 2018 and we tried to document it all!

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